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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Sep 7, 2008 7:29am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: "Danger - Women at Work"..Thank you Rick for this charming film!

I am filing a class action lawsuit against early humans and other humanoids like neanderthals and cro mags (not the band) for starting the sexist stereotypes of hunter-gatherer and stay at home cavemom. Just because one gender was more suited to fighting sabertooth and causing the extinction of mammoths (I'll adress that genocide later) and the other had a uterus and milk glands, this whole seperation of the sexes was forced upon us by the cavebush administration.

When a man could make enough to support his family alone while the wife took care of the kids, evil reigned supreme. Thank god the bastard crack head kids today don't have to see either of their annoying parents during the day anymore. I think the next step should be child labor, because I noticed how easy school is and us modern families need a third or fourth income these days because ronald reagan (a known satanist and racist white guy) destroyed the fabric of socialism I wanted to make high thread count egyptian cotton sheets with.

How dare the people from the past have any flaws or imperfections! We are all perfect now, thank beelzabub. We have been unable to pass laws that grant rights to everyone but at least murder rape and war have disappeared. I think it is sexist that there was not a men's safety film. Now some radical pinko jihad woman is running for VP and ignoring her little post birth fetuses. What will it be next?

Laws against discrimination?

Labor laws to pretect workers rights?

Equal lending and housing laws?

Until we have these laws to protect us, keep up the civil rights, unions and beer bottle throwing freedom fights, we will win. Some day we won't need these lobbying special interest groups with greedy personalities pursuing their own gain under the guise of helping their community. I hope that day some day if you fire, deny financing or kill someone based on their race, ethnicity, gender, religion (well scratch that one for convenience) and familiar status, you will face federal civil rights violations under a document, let's call it the constitution or something cool like that. At least it is still legal to stop a woman from voting.

I would go so far as suggesting we give tax breaks to employers that hire women and minoroties with prejudice, regardless of their qualifications, even though some very bad people might think that is racist and sexist as well. You know what the book from that warmongering christ cult has to say about two wrights making a wrong.

I too have a deep burning hatred for sarcasm. I also spend hours and hours planning on how to stop extremism and will do anything to see it through. Like a racist pig once said...

"some animals are more equal than others"

Hmmm... I see a symbolism there, but I cannot quite make the connection.

Speaking of animals, who according to some we are but at the same time are so much better than, but not better enough to eat them... lions seem to have a sexist tribal thing going. Women do the hunting while the man sleeps? What the fuck is that all about? Racist cats... are we going to stop the slaughter on the sahara? Has anyone watched mutual of omaha's snuff films where a peaceful antelope is minding his own business and the atrocity of carnivorism rears it's ugly head? There are feline murderers freely walking around and we are throwing people who needed to get laid but their partner screamed stop in jail? Oh the irony...

Hey karate cyborg, do you have any "green grocer" videos? There was a produce guy (who may have been slightly ethnic) that used to come on the news in philadelphia in the 70's as the "green grocer", "with your tip for the day". Mostly talking about tomato ripeness, artichoke politics, etc. I miss that dude and wonder how he got on the green thing so early but al gore gets all the credit.

Death to anyone not poor and oppressed by their own choice of leaders, amen.

This should make me lovable...